D.U.T.Y. Is a collaborative of nonprofit and schools

Here in Dekalb County we have aligned organizations and systems to support and grow D.U.T.Y. participating parents and children.

We look at ways to partner with nonprofits, schools and businesses, on collaborative effort.


Duty is an essential component of a community. Mentoring is needed for moral and mental support for our youth within our community. Duties foundational goals and objectives are significant for the growth of the culture. Our children are continuing to be misled to doing illegal activities. Many of the students in our schools are rejecting wisdom. Instructors are experiencing challenging situations with classmates that are refusing to learn their basic skills. Meanwhile, an educated person mentors a student that pupils learn from a leader through the eyes of that leader. Duty means a vehicle that builds a relationship between generations of successful agreements.

Carl E. Weaver

In the third through fifth grade my daughter had a mentor while with Mrs. Haimes she has changed on her outlook of life with friends and know that at all time she need to be a leader and not a follower this program has made my child very mature and has taught her that everyone is not your friends or always say nice things what I really love about this program is that my daughter Saniya Lokeman still talks to her mentor to this day she takes her on outings and when it’s something I can’t explain to her she calls her mentor Mrs. Haimes is always there to give her other support or advice on how to go about a problem with a class mate or anything.

Jessica Lokeman

Our Partners:


~ Perfect Angels Childcare

~ Little Champion Childcare


~ Panola Way Elementary

~ Miller Grove Elementary

~ Stone Mountain Elementary

~ Freedom Middle

~ Lithonia Middle

~ Lithonia High

Learning/Out School/Recreational Time

~ Redan Recreational Center

Other D.U.T.Y. Partners

~ Tucker Reid Library

~ Lithonia Library

~ Kroger Panola Rd

~ Walgreens Panola Rd and Redan

~ Bojangles Panola Rd

~ American Best Eyeglasses Stone Crest

~ Score

~ City of Atlanta Fulton County

~ Citizens Trust Bank Panola Rd.

~ Board Room Salon

~ Refresh Family Church

D.U.T.Y offers at risk youth the opportunity to make a dramatic change in their lives.